Our Core Values

Acting in the best interest of our customers, business partners and the public

Our vision is to shape the future of the industries by helping our customers to support in their business objectives by providing them new services, expanding their market reach or enabling them to reduce their operational expenses. It is our goal to co-create value with the business, help our customers with their business objectives and a passion to win, operate in an employee friendly work environment.


We have a passion for creating technology leading products and solutions that solve our customers’ problems.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are the driving force for making our industry evolve and break new ground. We do all this using our common sense.


We believe that honesty and sharing information is key for the growth of all employees and for the growth of Anorak.

Personal Growth

We strives to create a challenging environment, including opportunities to develop new skills and to maintain advances.


We trust and respect our colleagues. We aim at keeping our promises internally and externally. Above all we do what we say we will do.

Customer Centric

Anorak Technologies cannot afford to develop things customers don’t want to pay for. We make sure to complete our work on schedule.